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I couldn’t agree more (seriously doubt you will)

I would consider myself to be extremely
fortunate to learn from some of the greatest
coaches and mentors

(I do have to invest for this pleasure.. But
I still think of it as being very fortunate)

Before you begin your chaotic day (we are one
in the same my friend, living life in the
fast lane)

I thought I would drop a little motivation
bomb on you today

Which of course I picked up from one of my

Pay close attention my friend (seriously, you
will want to write this one down)


All that stands between you and the life you
want is YOU.. and your thoughts..

^I couldn’t agree more

When it comes down to you actually getting
what you want

99.99% of the time the only thing standing in
your way is YOU


Those thoughts that keep creepin inside your

You need to take time

step back

and actually visualize a happier, healthier

Seriously, don’t worry about who’s around you
right now, go on..

close your eyes and do it..

Your confidence..

Your relationships..

Your sex life..

Your body..

If you can imagine it you can achieve it..

BUT you must BELIEVE you can do it..

People can tell you all the time..

‘Oh, you’re fine the way you are, you don’t need to change’

But if you don’t believe it.. You will never

The same for losing weight, getting lean, and
performing at maximum capacity in all areas
of your life

All you have to do is picture the body and
life you want…

Follow this..

And start living it

Just like these guys do everyday inside here:


I’m out

Logan ‘short and sweet today’ Henry

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