YOU decide -

YOU decide

“I got to tell you man, this is by far the
greatest I’ve ever felt in my life before”


Quite a choice of strong words from lfit elite member
Elliott Summey

Now, I don’t say this to impress you having
you think

“O, that’s great for him”

quite the contrary my friend

I say this to press upon you what got him to
this point

See, just like you

Elliott lives life in the fast lane

On top of that he’s a

Harding working business man


Loving Husband and Father of 2

Staying on point with his health wasn’t the
easiest task at hand

So instead of just throwing his hands up


just ‘winging it’

He went straight to the source and got on
board living the lostfit life

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step in your transformation

He continued by telling me:

“I see it all the time within my own business’s,
where people refuse to do the very thing that
will get them to accomplish a task or a goal to
their greatest ability… asking for help”

I believe everyone…especially us guys are
guilty of this to a fault..

I know I’ve refused to ask for help plenty of times even when I knew deep down I needed it

but I’d have you consider

To get what you want out of life, YOU must be
willing to get out of your own way..

Excuses like:

” I don’t have the time”

“I’m too busy”

“I can’t afford it”

All become Irrelevant because in the end

It’s YOU who has the ability to change

It’s YOU who has the ability to make time

and it comes down to YOU

who makes your own decisions..

NOT someone else

So I ask you this

Where in your life are you letting yourself
stand in your own way of accomplishing a goal
you wish to achieve?

and your mission is this

Regardless of the area of life

whether it be your body, your relationships,
or your career..

Whatever is is..

ASK for help

I reckon a good place to start is here:

Logan ‘Get out of your own way’ Henry
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