Your path.. to results? -

Your path.. to results?

Recently during an exclusive seminar for the
guys inside the LostFit Elite…

I explained the importance of setting
measurable goals.

See a lot of people think they’re setting
goals when in reality these goals aren’t

Usually starting out with goals like this:

=>I’d like to feel better and be healthier.

=>I’d like to achieve more work and life

=>I’d like to like to increase my sales or
revenue inside my business.

These are a great starting point, but to
ultimately accomplish your goals, they must

Here’s what I mean:

*I want to lose 20 pounds and decrease my
pant size by 4 notches in the next 90 days.

*I want to go on at least 2 date nights a
week with my significant other, have one full
family day and plan a surprise trip for the
two of us in the next 90 days.

*I want to increase my revenue by this much
______________ and increase my profits by
this much_____________ all while working
___________ hours per week. (increase in
revenue is great, but the golden rule is to
increase your profits alongside with it.)

As you see the second set of goals are much
more detailed and all of them are measurable.

Remember, what gets measured gets managed.

And what gets managed gets RESULTS.

Now, that we’ve set measurable goals it’s
important that they are goals that stretch
you, not screw you….

This is crucial for success.

Because when you set goals you want to make
sure you AVOID the 2 B’s of failure:

Boredom and Burnout.

Let me explain:

Boredom usually happens when the goals are
just too easy or doesn’t have enough meaning
behind it.

(i.e: I want to get more fit and healthier
isn’t going cut it)

Then you have the dreaded Burnout…

Usually caused by setting a goal that’s way
too complex or just straight up unrealistic
(i.e: I want to shed 100 pounds of in 90

See, when it comes to setting your goals
across any are of your life.

The key is SIMPLICITY…simple doesn’t mean
easy, though.

So my question for you is where inside your
world right now are you setting vague goals
that aren’t getting you to the results you

And your mission is this:

Go back to the drawing board and map out
specific measurable goals that you want to
accomplish over the next 90 days.

Oh and if you’d like full accountability and
support to stick to those goals no matter
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Logan ‘Measurable’ Henry

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