You're better than that... -

You’re better than that…

After a wet n’ wild weekend


I had plenty of time to think

(yup, just so happens I do that from time to

About a past experience I had with a client..

This was years back

and the guy had the determination to finally
turn his life around

He had reached the point of no return..

Where the pain of him actually doing
something to lose the weight he had put on became
more painful then the pain of change..

He started off with great intentions

Giving it his best ability in





to progress towards the results he wanted..

Something happened though..

Only being a few weeks in of being on point

Things started going south

He started missing coaching sessions

He wasn’t doing well in his nutrition


He didn’t have that spark in him I saw just
only a few weeks back..

Do to his complete 180 in attitude

I asked him several times if everything was


If there were obstacle he was dealing with in
everyday life that was making things tough on

because I know life will get in the way

and I actually care about clients overcoming
struggles when times get tough..

His persistence of this behavior kept up for
about another week and

Then I began to question his overall

Asking him

“I’ve noticed you aren’t showing up for the
training and you aren’t as consistent with
things.. do you feel your commitment has
weaned at all in reaching your overall

His response:

‘Money talks..’

^far from it my friend


I do fully support the fact that getting to
where you want to go requires you to INVEST

in yourself

However, there’s 2 sides to this..

The person that INVEST and does the work to
their best ability to reach the goals they
set for themselves

And then you have the other side (I’m not
fond of this side)

The person that thinks

Just because they pay

That somehow that negates them from actually
doing anything

and that magical things will occur just
because they’re paying..

I will tell you right now

That kind of mindset will only lead to you
failing every single time (in pretty much all areas of your life)

Just because you can ‘pay’

doesn’t mean jack to me

You want someone like that

Seek out your cheap, happy clappy trainer
down the road, that will probably give you a
2 for 1 special..


Could care less if you show up

or actually


This group isn’t for
excuse makers

This group isn’t for know-it-alls

This group isn’t for those who are just
willing to pay, yet not put in their best
efforts to reach their goals

LostFit is a MOVEMENT

and it’s for those who have had enough

They’re fed up with the way things have
gotten with their bodies

and are finally ready to take things to the
next level to finally regain control of their


You can keep saying

“I’ll start next week”


“I will do it when ‘xyz'”


“When I get more time”


“The New Year is coming, I’ll start then”

or you can stop the talk of intent and take
hold of the rest of the year

and get the results you deserve

Choice is yours

Here’s how to get started:

Nothing but Love,


About the Author Logan Henry